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1230000311342 - Midwest Journal Press, Thrive Living Library: Get Pregnant
Midwest Journal Press, Thrive Living Library (?):

Get Pregnant (2015) (?)

EAN: 1230000311342 (?), Неизвестный язык, Midwest Journal Press, Midwest Journal Press, Midwest Journal Press, Новые функции, электронная книга, Цифровая дистрибуция

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Far too many people struggle to fall pregnant and conceive a child naturally. This generally drives most people to visit a doctor or specialist to find out why they have so much trouble conceiving and giving birth to healthy, happy babies. In most cases, they're given a diagnosis of infertility. Unfortunately, there are many different reasons for infertility, so this doesn't always help. It's known that ovarian cysts, PCOS and endometriosis can affect your fertility rate, as can a low sperm count. Some people are affected by other hormonal issues or more complicated problems, such as blocked or obstructed fallopian tubes. Even with all the advances made by medical science, there still remains a possibility that doctors simply can't find a cause for some peoples' infertility problems. Yet what most people forget is that traditional, natural remedies often have a far greater success rate than expensive, often painful medical treatments. This book is an introduction to natural remedies that doctors don't want you to know. Get Your Copy Today!
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Категория: Babies & Toddlers
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