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Mirei Shigemori - Rebel in the Garden : Modern Japanese Landscape Architecture:
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Tschumi, Christian (?):

Mirei Shigemori - Rebel in the Garden : Modern Japanese Landscape Architecture (2007) (?)

ISBN: 9789783764378 (?) или 9783764373, Неизвестный язык, Birkhäuser Architecture, Новые функции

51.316 (US$ 754,00)¹ + Доставка: 136 (US$ 2,00)¹ = 51.452 (US$ 756,00)¹(без обязательств)
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От продавца/антиквариата, Pristine Books & Art
Birkhäuser Architecture. New. 2007. Hardcover. 978-3-7643-7748-9 . Flawless copy, brand new, pristine, never opened -- Text in English. 204 pages 223 color, 43 b/w illus. Description: "The works of Mirei Shigemori (1896-1975) enables us to enter the realm of the modern karesansui garden, and to understand a significant shift towards nature that ha shappened in Japanese society over the past century. His sensitive and beautiful work offers us an approach to breaking away of immutable spheres, impermeable to change and innovation. Mirei Shigemori shows us how the spirit of natural elements, like rocks, are transmorgified into undulating waves of colored concrete, how rectangular checkers of stepping-stones dissolve into a background of moss and shrubs. The gardens remain spiritual and respectful, but they reflect the radical changes in Japanese society. Shigemori artfully defines and connects the essential traditions of his culture to the changes he considered necessary. The many samples in this book show us how sensual he treated even massive changes and how effective they can be to our recognition. The fact that Shigemori has not been in touch with the western world, but concentrated on his local culture makes his approaches so interesting to anyone who needs get deeply involved in a certain area and find original solutions." .
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ISBN (Альтернативные обозначения): 978-37643-7-3, 978-978-37643-7-8


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